Former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau called out President Donald Trump for saying Rep. Maxine Waters “a very low IQ individual” at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. But there’s just one problem…

…”If everything is racist, then nothing is racist” and that’s exactly what Favreau has done here:

It’s one thing to call out Trump for calling Waters stupid, but that doesn’t mean it was racist:

And it’s not even accurate that Trump only called Waters a “very low IQ individual.” He mentioned Nancy Pelosi in the same sentence:

Here’s the exact quote:

“We have to defeat Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, a very low I.Q. individual,” Trump said, eliciting boos from the crowd. “You ever see her? You ever seen her? You ever see her? ‘We will impeach him! We will impeach the president!’ But he hasn’t done anything wrong. It doesn’t matter, we will impeach him! She’s a low I.Q. individual. You can’t help it. She really is.”

Plus, Trump calls white people stupid all the time:

Here are a few handy lists:

And here’s Hillary staffer Brian Fallon bitching that Chuck Todd asked why phony Native American Elizabeth Warren won’t take a DNA test to prove her heritage once and for all: